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Mission statement
OYC Americas is committed to supporting human healthcare innovation within the clinical diagnostic, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and functional food industries through the marketing of yeast fermentation and distribution of its by-products. Our goal is to provide value to research & development, manufacturing, and marketing by supplying unique raw materials, food ingredients, and ingredient technologies developed by our parent company, Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. of Japan and their associated partnerships. We strive to meet the regulatory demands of the human health and nutrition industry with products developed through scientific research and clinical support. Our business partnerships are earned and maintained through our long-term commitment to quality, service, and dedication to the science of human health.

OYC_HeadquarterOur history and heritage
OYC Americas stands on a proud tradition of yeast innovation, entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility established by our parent company, Oriental Yeast Company, Ltd., Japan

Established in 1929, the Oriental Yeast Company was the first yeast technology company in Japan and has been a leader and innovator in the field ever since.

In the early 1950s, OYC began diversifying from a range of food products into research and bioscience. Through internal R&D, alert acquisition of key nutrition, biotech, and biochemical companies, and focused expansion into new markets and new countries, OYC became a global presence in yeast technologies. In the 1970s, recognizing the potential of overseas biochemistry markets, OYC began exporting enzymes and co-enzymes to Europe and North America.

Ideas start with individuals, but effective communication and teamwork are required to develop them into successful products. In 1987, OYC consolidated all R&D efforts into the Nagahama Institute for Biochemical Sciences; in 2001, OYC funded the Oriental Yeast Laboratory of Molecular Biology at Osaka University, including an endowment for a Chair.

OYC Americas was formed as a liaison office in Boston, Massachusetts under the name OYC International in 1994. We were incorporated as an OYC subsidiary in 1998 and became OYC Americas in 2009.

The Oriental Yeast Company has multiple offices, affiliates, partners, and distribution centers throughout the world, including Japan, France, Netherlands, China, the Americas, India, and Southeast Asia. OYC’s products support a diverse range of life science, bioscience, and biotech research and production.

OYC’s Laboratory of Yeast and Fermentation has over 13,000 strains of yeast as stock cultures, and works to develop applications for high-performing, high-functioning yeasts, and fermented products.

OYC’s corporate philosophy places quality and safety above all other considerations. An independent quality assurance team operates from the viewpoint of our customers and is committed to constant improvement. OYC has received multiple domestic and international certificates recognizing our high standards.

Combining the best of Japanese expertise and quality with American relationship-based service and customer support, OYC Americas is proud to support our clients with our Customer Operations Center in southern California and our Finance and Billing Center in Boston, Massachusetts.

OYC Americas: your trusted source for superior yeast technology.

“It is not enough for a company to simply produce products. In order to honor its obligations as a member of society, a company must observe corporate social responsibility.” Toshikuni Naito (Chairman of the OYC Group, 2008 – 2011)

These words reflect OYC’s tradition of community involvement and environmental awareness. Since 2003, OYC’s main Japanese manufacturing center has used the biogas generated in the plant’s wastewater treatment plant as fuel for electric power generators.

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