Custom Services

Finding the raw materials you need is just your first step.

We partner with you beyond the initial transaction to support you with custom services to fit your specific requirements. We specialize in creative approaches in direct response to our customers’ needs.

Global sourcing

We have in-depth knowledge of the international marketplace, including emerging cost-effective sources across Asia and Eastern Europe.

Quality assurance

We offer specialized quality assurance audits, and our commitment to quality means that we always obtain your materials from reliable, regulated, QA and ISO Certified (or equivalent) facilities.

Specialty manufacturing and production

Whether you’re looking for contract fermentation, cell culture, gene modification and expression (GMEX), including scale-up production capacity – we can help.

Raw materials warehousing

Climate-controlled storage for your raw materials, supporting just-in-time delivery for your projects.

For more information on how we can support you, please contact us.