We serve the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, industrial biochemistry (including biocatalysis), and nutritional industries. We supply some of the country’s top contract labs, research institutions, and universities. And we’re committed to extending our yeast technology expertise into ever-broader applications and services for our clients.

All our products are available in bulk and research quantities, and we’ve expanded production capacity to meet growing global demand, centralizing and streamlining our supply chain to provide faster, more efficient service to our customers.

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(enzymes, co-enzymes, recombinant proteins, antibodies, substrates, cell culture, and other specialty chemicals)

Nutritional ingredients

(co-enzymes, vitamins, and mineral yeasts)

Bakery ingredients

(for pastries, sweet or savory dough, and noodles)

OYC Americas has climate-controlled warehousing available in our southern California office, with just-in-time delivery to your location.

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