Food Ingredients

Oriental Yeast Company was the first company in Japan to manufacture and market yeast for bread-baking. Our heritage began with the food industry, and we continue to produce top-quality, flavorful, healthy materials for bakers and chefs. We are also one of the largest producers of Kansui Powder, an essential ingredient for the manufacture of Ramen Noodles.

Dough improver

We customize our dough improver for your specific process, environment, and type of bread.

Kansui powder

Asian-style noodles without kansui powder tend to have an unpleasant, overly-soft texture. The addition of kansui creates a firmer, more appetizing al dente “bite.”

Sweet filling

Available in multiple flavors and in paste or sheet form for your artesanal and/or high-volume bread production.

Baking powder

We supply baking powder to many large bakery and delicatessen chains throughout Asia and Europe, and are now opening the market in the Americas.

Leaven dough (sourdough)

We offer quality sourdough starters and leaven for your artisanal bread production.


Our buttercreams are flavorful and perfectly textured for piping and spreading.

Fermented liquid flavoring

These offer wholesome, clear flavors for your baking and cooking needs.

Mayonnaise and other dressings

Our mayonnaise and other dressings are full-flavored and delicious.

For more information on our specialty bakery and other food items, please contact us.

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