Anti human sAPP Monoclonal, IgG Purified (sAPP-MCA)

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Product Form
Frozen Liquid
The product reacts with secretory amyloid protein precursor (sAPP), but does not react with β amyloid protein (β AP)1-40
The antibody is dissolved in 10 mM sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.4)-0.15 M NaCl-0.1% NaN3
Other Features
The antibody was produced from a murine hybridoma elicited mouse immunized with amyloid protein precursor (APP) secreted by the EJ-1 bladder carcinoma cell line. The IgG was purified from mice ascites fluid by affinity chromatography on pA(AB)4-agarose column.
IgG Sub Class
1) ELISA: 1 µg/mL 2) Western blot: 10 µg/mL
Storage Condition
Below -80°C