Recombinant Human Creatine Kinase MB Isozyme (rCK-MB)

CK are the dimeric molecules composed of M and B subunits and exist as the isoenzymes with greatest activity in muscle (CK-MM), heart (CK-MB), and brain (CK-BB). CK-MB activity increased following the myocardial infarction and various muscle disorders.
Catalog Number
Pack Size
Catalog Number
Pack Size
100, 250,1000 and 5000 U


Formula / molecular Weight
Heterodimer (2 x 46 kDa) of M and B subunits.
Product Form
Glycerol solution
Single band - PAGE active staining analysis
Reaction Equation
ATP + Creatine = ADP + Creatine phosphate
Myokinase <0.01%
Other Features
Both genes coding for the human CK-M and -B subunit are inserted as a tandem repeat into the plasmid vector and expressed in E.coli. The other form of isozymes (MM and BB) co-expressed in the host cells are separated by ion-exchange chromatography. The purified recombinant isozyme product of pI 5.2 is found to be contaminated with neither CK-MM(pI = 6.5) nor CK-BB (pI = 4.5) when analyzed by isoelectric focusing.
Storage Condition
Below -80°C