Recombinant Thioredoxin (human r-ADF)

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Catalog Number Pack Size
Catalog Number 47751900
Pack Size 0.1 mg
Catalog Number 47755000
Pack Size 1 mg


Product Form
Lyophilized powder
Specific Activity
≥3 Units / mg
Reaction Equation
protein (S-S)+ rADFred = protein (2HS–) + rADFox
Other Features
r-hTRX/ADF is produced by DNA recombinant procedure in E. Coli as an intracellular protein. In the search for a possible mechanism of interleukin 2 receptor ?-chain (IL-2R?)/p55 (Tac) induction in adult T cell leukemia (ATL), a soluble factor responsible for this receptor abnormality was discovered by Teshigawara et al. The factor called ATL-derived factor (ADF) enhanced the IL-2R? expression on some lymphocytes. After gene cloning, ADF 12 kDa in SDS-PAGE analysis
Storage Condition
Below -20°C
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