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Catalog Number Pack Size
Catalog Number 47187000
Pack Size 20 ug
Catalog Number 47197900
Pack Size 1 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg


Formula / molecular Weight
47kDa (GST fusion protein).
Product Form
Frozen Liquid
> 95% by SDS-PAGE analysis.
Other Features
  • By injecting sRANKL, novel osteopenia model mice were established in only 50 hours.
  • Degree of bone loss can be controlled by changing doses of sRANKL
  • High Activity and low endotoxin level.
  • sRANKL can be used in establishing osteopenia model for in vivo screening of drugs for osteoporosis, determination of effect and mechanism, evaluation of bone anabolic drugs.
  • Low Endotoxin Protein - 0.01 ng/mg (0.1 EU/µg).
Storage Condition
Below -70°C
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