Thioredoxin (rTRX 2)

Catalog Number
Pack Size
Formula / molecular Weight
12 kD in SDS-PAGE analysis
Product Form
Lyophilized powder
≥95% by SDS PAGE
Specific Activity
≥3 units
Reaction Equation
protein (S-S) + rTRX2red = protein (2HS–) + rTRX2ox
Other Features
In S. cerevisiae three isoforms (yTRX1, yTRX2, yTRX3) have been identified, yTRX1 and yTRX2 being present in cytoplasm and yTRX3 present in mitochondria. r-yTRX2 is produced by DNA recombinant procedure in E. Coli as an intracellular protein and purified from cell lysate by conventional chromatographies.