New partnerships launch OYC Americas’ entrance into health supplement market

Andover, Mass. – After more than 15 years of building a reputation of supplying high-quality raw materials in the life science industry, OYC Americas announced today that it has partnered with two reputable makers of health supplements to expand its offerings.

OYC Americas has teamed up with ProHealth, Inc. (Santa Barbara, CA), the provider of the Advanced Medical Labs brand of dietary supplements, and has also acquired exclusive distribution of the NaturaTM Apothecary brand of herbal products. The ventures are an outward sign of OYC Americas’ commitment to becoming a fully-integrated company dedicated to providing consumers with a complete spectrum of wellness needs.

“Consumers have come to trust us for our quality ingredients, our dedication to life science research and experience in a wide range of environments from academia to clinical diagnostics,” said OYC Americas President Ted Kottcamp. “These partnerships will give OYC Americas a new ability to anticipate and provide for consumers’ needs when it comes to wellness and disease prevention. It’s an exciting illustration of how the founding mission of OYC Americas has evolved.”

Established in Japan in 1929 as a wholesale yeast producer, Oriental Yeast Co., Ltd. has expanded over the decades into a provider of a wide variety of raw materials derived from yeast fermentation technology. Its prosperity – a result of the company’s unwavering commitment to the use of pure ingredients, dedication to consumer safety and meticulous scientific research – has positioned its U.S. subsidiary, OYC Americas, to provide quality ingredients used for research, development and manufacturing applications in clinical diagnostics, industrial biochemistry, bakery and functional foods and laboratory animal nutrition.

These partnerships are the next logical step in OYC Americas’ journey to become a company that delivers an entire spectrum of services and products for human nutrition, from the building blocks of raw materials to uniquely formulated dietary supplements.

Advanced Medical Labs dietary supplements were developed through research-based science that reflects OYC Americas’ high standards for quality. They are available exclusively through professional practictioners. The NaturaTM Apothecary line is created with plants gathered at the peak of their therapeutic strength and formulated with a combination of modern research and ancient alchemical knowledge to provide wellness solutions for the naturopathic physician and their patients.

“Consumers today are more health-conscious than ever,” said Kottcamp. “They want to learn how to prevent disease through a strengthened immune system and proper nutrition, and they are looking for quality supplements from a provider they trust. We’re glad to put this opportunity for wellness within their reach.”

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